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☆ MAIN ROOM Trance / Psychedelic / Electronica /

SHOTU Live Act (Hadra Records)

David (Leptit/Shotu) discovered electronic music in 1996 at free parties in France, he integrated fully into trance 2 years later in Ibiza and get finally into DJing in 2002. A year later, he met the Hadra “tribe”, and here he soon found his place. He participates actively and with a shared happiness to its growing success. He has played in UK, Hungary, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Chec Republic, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Brasil, and Morocco at parties and festivals such as UNIVERSO PARALELLO 2005 or BOOM FESTIVAL 2006 ! Staying in a “night psychedelic” style, Leptit’s musical project called “Shotu”. After good collaborations with such artists as Jahbo, Grapes of wrath or Barak, he compiled his first compilation “TWISTED VISION” during the summer 2006. Also released a few tracks on compilations from Hadra, Peak, and Vertigo records, and his debut Album on March 2007 on Hadra records !!! In 2008 he produced music with EVP, Rev Yab Yum wich help him with technicals progress. Twisted Vision 2 compilation had a great succes worldwide and get Shotu gigs in San Francisco, Moscow or Brazil again ! Few new tracks were released on label like Pixan , Peak or Wildthings, but now Shotu is finishing his second album called Conception wich would be released in October 2009 on hadra rec !!! Join him fearless for a fantastic expedition in the worrying depths of the SHOTU world…

SYNTHETIK CHAOS Live Act (Hadra Records / World people) FR

Synthetik Chaos is yan a french electronic music produceur,ex illegal machines,he also participate at the psychodroids project (illegal & friends) his influences come from differents kinds of musics( mainly electronical) like: aphex twin,slide,richard devine,nick taylor,ministry,droid sect,sonic youth etc…….. the result of all this influences & many experimentations in the lab is a combination of heavy twisted basslines & electroids rythm , psychedelics soundz & weird noises, with always in mind to keep the dance floor as a recreation ground ; he release some tracks on severals labels like world people production,pixan,pharpsyde,& collaborate with some killa artists as electrypnose,dirty saffi,,illegal machines,konflux,& others projects are in preparation ,recently he join the well know uk label bom shanka music ,& he’s also an active artist of world people prod in

DIGITAL TALK Dj Set (Hadra / Yabai / 3D Vision)

Digital Talk is Julien Fougea and Luc Achintre, French answer to psytrance.After experimenting with different aspects of acoustic music, these two childhood friends were hooked by the 90’s techno scene. Few years later, they created the visionary band named “Droidsect”, with two other friends. In 2001, they unleashed a huge amount of unreleased tunes mostly played at underground parties in Goa, India. Later, they signed their first release with 3D Vision Records next to Skazi, Talamasca, and Total Eclipse. The project ended fast but a new kind of trance music was born….

☆ Visuals by EUBE’


☆ SWIMMING POOL AREA & TERRASA Live Act ! / Trance / Psychedelic / Electronica

YAMAGA Dj Set (Hadra Records)

MANU Dj Set (Hadra Records)

SYNDROM Dj Set (world-people)

NIKOSH Dj Set (world-people)

MOAI-PROJECT Dj Set (world-people)


☆ EXPO ROOM Live Act ! / Techno House / Dub / Psychedelic

As a trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist, Lakay discovered electronic music at the beginning of the millennium in the infamous French free parties.
Having been influenced by a wide spectrum of genres such as dub, drum’n’bass, trance and hardtek, his live set offers a soft journey through dub, trance and psychedelic jungle. He finds his sources of inspiration in this colorful mix of influences. The atmospheres emanating from electronic synths and the energy of traditional instruments play central roles in the creation of a music that is both dynamic and meditative, suggesting the mind to go on a journey.
Electronic loops are fused with the melodies of the trumpet, the sounds of the Thai seung, the groove of Spanish guitars and many more sonorities from diverse cultures creating a rich and colourful musical melting pot. He has been exposing his universe through his live sets since 2008, by creating moments of communion favoring the awakening of senses and emotions…
Member of Hadra crew, Salamah crew and Artkromatik Crew
Ex member of Fluid

YOAN.L ( M.I.T Concept, Rachdingue) Cat

ESTEBAN (Vicky Prod, Rachdingue) Cat

IGNASI D’EGARA (Sugar Sound Factor, Rachdingue) Bcn

☆ Visuals by ALTERD LOOPZ (Rachdingue) Cat


Entrada :15 EUROS with Long Drink
Rachdingue Spain – Costa Brava –
Vilajuïga A 10 km De Figueres 9km De Roses

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